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Thank you for your interest. We are Inner Sanctum Massage located in Virginia Beach, VA. Most of you reading this have already been to Inner Sanctum Massage and have experienced our amazing services for yourself. You are most likely looking for the best deal around on quality massage. You may also want to find out the best method of cost-effective Relaxation or Deep Tissue Therapy, and how to integrate them into your healthy regimen. If this is you, then our No Contract Monthly Membership Program is what you are looking for. We have many different options to become a member and save up to 35% on all our services and products. No tricks, you choose the benefits program that works best for you. Cancel or Freeze your account at any time.


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Here at Inner Sanctum Massage Holistic Health Center, we understand you have a choice when looking for expert massage and spa services. You may even be into Holistic Care. We ensure that our customer service is stellar as we want you to be completely satisfied with our program as well as the value of our services. We believe this whole heartedly, and our customer reviews reflect this truth. Inner Sanctum Massage has the Best Quality Massages at the lowest member prices in Virginia. Just listen to what our customers are saying. At Inner Sanctum Massage, we don't want our guest to feel locked into a restrictive contract, but rather wish to reward your loyalty with discounts and incentives that keep you coming back! We believe that happy, healthy, pain & stress-free guests speak on behalf of the value and services at Inner Sanctum Massage. That's why we offer our Monthly Membership Program! Membership certainly comes with abundant benefits and privileges!


To become a Benefits Program Member at Inner Sanctum Massage you will need to complete the short form below providing the details for and authorizing us to withdraw your monthly payment. Complete the form, select your package, sign, then submit. You can visit our office and make your payment or you can pay over the phone by calling us.

In 2018 Fifty Million Americans consulted with doctors regarding massage treatment.
In 2018 Twenty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand patients were referred to a massage therapist by a health care provider.
Between July 2017 and July 2018, surveys indicate that roughly 47.5 and 63.6 million adult Americans (which is 19 - 28 percent of all Americans) had a massage at least once.